Kimbe Bay (Papua New Guinea)

In December 2011, Ingo Weber and myself made it to Papua New Guinea for one of the best reef diving in the world. Once arrived, we checked into our dive shop located at the Walindi Resort. Although we spent only a couple of days at the resort for departure and arrival, it is truly a nice resort with great food and staff in the middle of Kimbe Bay on the New Britain Island. The real luxury came with the boat, The MV Febrina. This ship and its captain are just amazing, plenty of high quality food, several times a day, all prepared by the local and friendly staff on board. Forget about Australian customs, we didn’t need to do anything. All dive gear was prepared upfront – we only had to gear up and jump in. After we came out, they took all equipment, cleaned it, dried it and put it back into everyone’s box. Towels were provide fresh after every dive. This ship defines a new level of pampering. The actual diving was just amazing – the Kimbe Bay area is just amazing. One of the best corals I have ever seen, massive sponges and soft corals mixed with huge fans and hard corals. Here I also saw the most Nudibranchs ever, I believe it was more than 30 different species. On top, we also spotted heaps of schools of barracuda and tunas. After all, an amazing trip.

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