Koror (Palau)

In December 2010, Christian Janiesch and myself made it to Palau for one of the best reef diving in the world. I started in Sydney to Cairns to meet up with Christian to catch a flight to Guam as a first step to paradise. In Guam, we stayed at a hotel for half a day in order to catch one of these island hopper to Palau. Once arrived, we checked in with our dive shop Sam’s Tour, our dive operator. Every day, we had 2-3 boat trips out to the reef. The boat ride was a bit lengthy, generally between 20 to 30 min. However, this boat ride is absolutely fantastic as you pass all these picturesque rocks and islands that make Palau so amazing.

One day we took a boat to Peleliu, which took as more than 45 minutes, but apart from breathtaking diving, we also learnt about the battle that happened there between Japan and US forces in 1944 (The Battle of Peleliu). In general, Palau has everything to offer a diver can possibly imagine including caves (chandelier caves), sharks (blue corner), manta rays (german channel), jelly fish (jelly fish lake) and amazing reef formations.

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