Montague Island (Australia)

On 23rd May 2015, we took a rather long trip down to Narooma, a little city in the very South of NSW, offering charters to Montague Island: The home of probably the best seal dive in Australia. Although the car ride takes about 5 hours, there are many scenic routes to visit – it could be worse. Once arrived, we met up with Renan and Loic, two equally passionate divers, unfortunately French. Anyway, we went out to Montague Island on Saturday – a solid 45 min boat ride. The visibility was perfect – something between 20-25m – crystal blue water. As soon as we arrived, 20-30 seals sitting on the rocks of Montague Island noticed us and made their way into the water to play – I have never seen so many seals. Best thing, all of them had fun checking us out while performing their amazing and graceful dances under water. And just when you feel safe, they perform this sudden move of swimming directly towards you just to make a close turn in front of your face – evil little buggers. One of them was extra brave trying to bite off our camera – no worries, we got it on tape. This dive was unbelievable, the way some of the seals look at you with their big round eyes is simply beautiful. This was real fun considering the water had 13 degrees water temperature – it is worth it!! Photo courtesy for some of the pictures to Renan Bac – great shots mate!!

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