Beqa Lagoon & Taveuni (Fiji)

In June 2016, just before leaving Australia, we made it to Fiji. The dive trip started with Beqa Lagoon, a resort on the Beqa Island south of the main island. We hoped to dive with bull sharks and, maybe, tiger sharks. Long story short, we saw one massive tiger shark (~6m) during the first dive and 5 tiger sharks during the second dive. This was the most thrilling and literally breath-taking dive I ever witnessed. Forget bull sharks, they look like toys compared to these giants. Having our expectations overthrown by far, we prepared ourselves for more relaxed diving with Taveuni Dive on Taveuni (some of the north-west islands) – the soft coral capital of the world. Also here, breath-taking on a different level. These soft corals are so colourful, it is difficult to focus on anything specific. You need good guides as these corals only bloom if the tight and current is right. The white-wall was spectacular – a must see. Anyway, although the trip was action-packed, we enjoyed it fully. I was quite reserved regarding Fiji due to all the tourism and backpackers – no need, go to the remote places and you have the authentic Fiji feeling.

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