Amedee Diving

Famous: : Coral Reef, Manta Rays, Wrecks
Dive Type: Dive Shop + Boat Dive
Address: Amédée Diving Club, BP 84, 98845 Nouméa Cedex, Nouvelle Calédonie
Phone: (+687) 26 40 29

OzDive Comment:
Interested to find great dive spots at the doorsteps of Noumea – this is the shop to go to, just located at the Port Moselle Harbour. This makes it quite easy to get geared up and start the trip with a coffee from the Marina. The ride to the “Amedee Lighthouse” is nothing less than scenic, with crystal blue water and an amazing island. Make sure to stress to go to the “Passe de Boulari” to see the manta rays as well as the “Dieppoise” to dive one of the most exciting ship wreck.

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