Dive Loft Krk (Croatia)

Dive Loft

Famous: : Reef, Wrecks
Dive Type: Dive Shop + Boat Dive
Phone: +385-(0)51-857 281

OzDive Comment:
In short, great diving but not so great dive shop. So with each dive shop, you do not know how they operate, so some form of onboarding would help. Well, we only received the bare minimum. We did not feel the passion for diving. When asked what to see, they looked at us weirdly as this is a strange question. They mostly cared for getting all documents verified and signed – not very friendly. But the best was about to come. We did a day trip to the West of Krk. Once we arrived at the boat, there were about 28 people on very small boat. Plus, tanks and gear were dropped at the jetty – it’s your job to get it on board. You have all your gear? No one really cared. If you had dived for the first time, you’d have been in trouble. Also on board, people were stepping over each others toes, dive guides gave little to no instructions. Then for the diving, you had to book a dive guide otherwise you are all by yourself. Really? 30+ m dive on the open ocean and you let (to reiterate many people) go by themselves. This is risky and dangerous. By the way, it wasn’t all bad. The second day we dive at the Peltastis, the boat ride was great (only 7 divers) and the captain was fantastic. So I guess you need to hope for a good day or at least avoid the day trips in the season. Anyway, we made the most out of it – we are used to go by ourselves. The diving was great, lots of hard and soft corals with scorpion fish and fancy nudibranchs. We will go to Croatia again, certainly somewhere else though.

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