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Dive Type: Dive Travel Agency
Address: Unit 607, Level 6, 379 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 (02) 9299 4633

OzDive Comment:
This is likely the best and most reliable agency for your dive travels. In particular, one agent stands out: Nina Joost. Nina is arguably the most experienced and authentic dive adviser I have ever met. Every plan for a dive trip starts with Nina, may it be for a quote, a decision or just some information about a dive spot or country. Nina seemingly knows them all (at least it looks like). Her reviews and recommendations are detailed and honest taking into account your dive preference as well as your budget. For instance, Nina knows most places I have dived so far. She also knows my dive preferences, i.e., remote dive locations, as little tourism as possible, dive lodge or live-abroad, untouched reef, world-class wreck dive spots and so forth. With Nina, I feel comfortable following her recommendation knowing she won’t send me off to some overrun dive location with run-down reefs. I have booked several trips with Nina so far and I can honestly say that all of them were world-class spots that by far exceeded my expectations.

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