Donsol Eco Tours

Donsol Eco Tour

Famous: : Whale Shark, Soft Corals
Dive Type: Resort + Boat Dive
Address: Donsol Eco Tour, G-021 Cityland Makati Executive Tower 2, Dela Rosa St., Makati, Philippines
Phone: (+63 2) 576-5934

OzDive Comment:
This is your best start to get snorkel and dive trips organised for Donsol and Ticao Island. Donsol Eco Tours takes care of all logistics including pickup and drop-off from and to Legaspi airport as well as boat transfers from Donsol to Ticao Island. The staff (Jessica online as well as staff on site) is very friendly and organised. Donsol Eco Tours also helped me getting a little surprise for my partner as it was her birthday on arrival day (flowers, cake and a romantic dinner on Ticao Island). This is world class service, personal and reliable and very well organised. I highly recommend it, although it costs a bit more compared to local prices but at least you have piece of mind. As for the actual snorkeling – to be frank – skip it!! There are too many tourists and boats, it is not pleasant for you or the whale shark. Once a boat spots a whale shark, 7-10 nearby boats rush and chase the whale shark to dump on average 5-10 people into the water. Once in the water, it is a pure survival drill – everyone tries to keep up with the shark. I stopped counting the fins I had in my face. It is pure stress and not very pleasant. Even more important, this is far from animal friendly. They make sure for you to watch a 25min video on rules what to do and not to do. Once out on the water, these rules are out of the window: 6 people max per shark – right!!! Well, we saw whale sharks so this is a check, but it is not what we imagined it to be and we feel bad having participated in it. Again, sorry to say, the organisation was great, the snorkeling experience not so much.

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